Nivalli’s Safalade
Traditional Pork Pastrami

Vatra Pork Collar

When you just need a moment of pure gastronomic delight, one slice of our Vatra Pork Collar is enough. The complexity of the flavours and the quality of the meat will impress even the pickiest meat lover.

Pieces of pork are roasted in our special brine recipe. Meat is then boiled alongside a selection of spices. After being boiled, the meat is covered in a layer of spices and then put into the smoker to develop even more flavour.

The result is a perfumed, delicate, and colourful meat product. A natural deli, the Vatra Pork Collar, can be used to complete a charcuterie platter, suitable for celebrating a promotion at work, a birthday, a baptism, or any other happy moment in your life.