Vernal Kaizer
”Bujenita” Nivalli

Ukrainian Pork Belly

With this product, we cross the Moldovan borders in search of a genuine traditional taste. Our Ukrainian pork belly is made after a traditional Ukrainian recipe. To prepare it, we take the finest pieces of pork belly, season them with black pepper, a little salt, coriander, bay leaves, and garlic. The end-products has a slightly spicy aftertaste that makes it a delight for any meal, no matter the occasion.

Getting back to the manufacturing process, the pieces of pork belly are carefully selected to get the optimal meat to fat ratio. We sprinkle them with a precise quantity of our mix of spices, thus getting the right balance between the taste of pork and the seasonings. The result is a product that melts in the mouth and that reminds the flavours of the meat products our grandparents used to make.