“Krakovia” Salami
Air Dried Pork Fillet

”Traditional” Pork Belly

From the desire to revive the taste of the products of the past and to honor our traditions, we created the “Traditional” Pork Belly. This product will take you on a journey in time at your grandparents’ home. To make this product we start by choosing the pieces of pork breast.

Only pork cuts that meet the Nivalli quality standards and have an adequate percentage of meat and fat are selected to be sprinkled with a mixture of spices and salt.

The pieces of meat are left to dry in a controlled environment for a short period of time. Then, the cuts are passed through a hot smoke that allows them to be cooked. This is the way in which we come up with a thin layer of fat and a pleasant smoky taste.

This pork belly can be used successfully for festive dishes, but it is absolutely wonderful in hot snacks and in different traditional dishes. We especially like it at breakfast, cooked in the frying pan with fried eggs, and some toast