Beef Sticks (Jerky)
Dried pork collar

Pork Sticks (Jerky)

Nivalli’s Pork Sticks are actually delicious jerky strips. These meat snacks are suitable for a beer with friends or for giving you the needed energy while hiking or traveling. Our jerky is made from lean meat, that has been cleaned from any fat or other tissues.

For our jerky, we choose only the finest cuts of lean meat. After being seasoned, these are left for a long time at a low temperature in a controlled environment. We use a specific blend of spices such as oregano or basil, but also a precise amount of salt.

The resulting product is left to dry until the meat loses about 70% of the total water.

Jerky is a perfect snack for any outing be that in town or in nature. Our advice would be to buy more than one package, as we have not seen a single person able to settle for a single piece of jerky.