Marinated Pork Skewers
Beef and Pork Mici

Marinated Pork Steak

Marinated boneless pork chop or the Nivalli’s Marinated Pork Steak is a piece of pork that will make any barbecue or festive meal a success.

For this steak, we choose the pieces just above the ribs. Only those cuts with the right fat to meat ratio are allowed to be covered in our special marinade.

Over the years we have perfected the marinade recipe that is embracing these delicate pieces of pork meat. Spices such as paprika or garlic are mixed with first press oil to make the steaks shiny and tender.

Our marinated steak makes your work easier when it comes to outdoor grills or festive meals. You no longer have to prepare the meat or worry that you haven’t marinated enough the steaks.

All you have to do is to light that grill, find the right side-dish and then enjoy the best steak you have ever eaten.