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Pork Knuckle Roast

To get the recipe for Nivalli’s amazing Pork Knuckle Roast, we travelled all the way to Germany. This product is the result of the ingenuity of our specialists and will spare you a lot of work and time spent in the kitchen.

Every day we choose the best pieces of pork knuckle, over which we sprinkle a blend of ginger and basil. The pieces are then packaged in a special thermal bag that is then used to bake the meat.

A unique product for the Moldovan market, Nivalli’s Pork Knuckle Roast is wonderful for those moments when you do not have the desire to cook something from scratch, or that moment when you have guests coming over. The roast will be ready in a few minutes, time in which you can watch your favourite show, or you can prepare the side dishes.

Attention: When inserted in the oven, the pork knuckle roast must not be removed from the special bag. Put the meat into the oven with the thermal bag on. You will know that the roast is ready when the bag opens. Do not open the bag before or remove the roast from the bag.