Dried pork collar
Favorite Salami

Noble Salami

Nivalli’s Noble Salami takes you on a journey on the shores of Italy. This salami is, as the name says, a combination created from the noblest types of meats, to suit the noblest taste buds.

To create it, we carefully select the pork cuts, which we then mix with a selection of spices, including pepper and ginger. The composition is then inserted in a natural membrane and boiled at 60°C. After preparation, the pork salami is left to dry, a procedure during which the product gets a firmer texture and develops its taste.

Nivalli’s Noble Salami can be successfully added to appetizers, entrees and charcuterie plates. Whether you make these plates for a baptism, a birthday or even a wedding, this salami will bring that noble touch to any meal. We also love it on sandwiches or even on pizza.