Marinated Pork Steak
Odessa Salami

Beef and Pork Mici

Who hasn’t heard of the savoury traditional “Mici“? These traditional meat products are specially created for barbecue lovers and not only. To produce them, we use the traditional recipe and nothing more. We choose top-quality minced beef, to which we add a little bit of minced pork meat. Our special mix of spices is added. Then, the Mici can be modelled in the characteristic sausage-like shape and instantly put on the grill.

The unique flavour of Nivalli’s Mici comes from the carefully selected meat combination and the natural seasonings. Our Mici can be grilled, but you can also prepare them in the pan. Nivalli’s Mici do not change shape when cooked. For a nice crust and a juicy interior, it is recommended to start cooking the product only when the grill is already hot.