Noble Salami
“Preferat” Baloney

Favorite Salami

Nivalli’s Favorite Salami is one of our favourites. We wanted to come up with a sweet-spicy variety, similar to the famous “chorizo”, thus we have created this salami.

Nivalli’s Favorite Salami is made from a fine combination of pork and beef. To give it the specific taste, we add a special mix of spices. The most important spice in the mix is paprika, which gives this salami both the specific colour and the sweet-spicy taste.

This salami can be sliced and added to charcuterie boards, and it can be used as an entrée for special occasions such as weddings, baptisms or other outstanding events.

It is great in sandwiches, but it can also be used as topping for pizzas. It is up to you to taste it and to decide how you like to eat it. For example, we love it on pizza, but we also enjoy it as an entrée.