Pork Sticks (Jerky)
Noble Salami

Dried pork collar

With the air-dried pork collar product, we enter the world of gourmet meat. We have developed this deli especially for those of you who choose the elegance of the authentic meat taste. In the preparation of this deli, we use a traditional recipe carefully preserved for centuries.

The process begins by selecting the finest cuts of pork collar. Only pieces with a perfect fat and meat ratio are accepted for this product.

The meat is covered in a layer of spices. Then, the cuts are left for several weeks in a controlled environment, to air-dry and to develop their aroma. Then, we advance to the actual preparation of the product which is done slowly at a controlled temperature of about 50°C. Taking these steps in a rigorous manner makes this gourmet product a gastronomical delight that can successfully bring a plus of style and grace to any meal.

We recommend cutting this into thin slices so that you can feel the taste of this meat deli. Part of the air-dried meat category, this product promises to add extra elegance to any charcuterie board.

This product may be combined with crunchy breadsticks, nuts, matured cheese and a big glass of good Moldovan wine.