Smoked Chicken Legs
“Krakovia” Salami

”Cabanos” Salami

In our category of boiled-smoked salami, we added a delicacy that will entice your taste buds with its taste and texture. Smoked and dried, the “Cabanos” Salami complements with a smoky aftertaste any dish. A combination of pork, beef, and chicken cuts is at the base of this salami.

The meat is combined with our special spice mix and with a bit of salt. The resulting compound is inserted into an edible sausage casing. After the heat treatment, the salamis are allowed to develop their taste in a hot wood smoke made out of carefully chosen wood essences.

This salami can be eaten simply with a bit of mustard and bread. It is also suitable for traditional dishes, but we also like it on omelets or pizzas.