”Traditional” Pork Belly
Air Dried Beef Fillet

Air Dried Pork Fillet

Nivalli’s air-dried pork fillet is synonymous with the concept of gourmet. This pork product offers more elegance and class to any meal and can turn a simple dinner into a real event.

We begin the process of producing this pork meat specialty by choosing the right pieces of meat. Then, our butchers, clean them of any trace of fat and possibly membranes. After cleaning, the meat is covered with a layer of spices. Then we let the pieces of meat be married for weeks in a controlled environment.

To prepare this product, we have a special room with a constant temperature of about 50°C. All the technological process is carefully respected so that we can offer you a high-quality product, worthy of official meals and special occasions.

Being a gourmet product, we recommend to try a special presentation and to add it to a charcuterie platter. It can successfully find its place on any festive plateau alongside meat specialties from Italy or France.

Tip: Do not forget to associate this pork fillet with good wine.