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Air Dried Beef Fillet

Nivalli’s Dried Beef Fillet is comparable to its Italian Bresaola. Like its Italian counterpart, the Nivalli beef filet has a reddish color and a taste that can not be overlooked.

A strict cleaning process is essential while creating this unique product. Our specialists cut and cleanse any traces of fat and any membrane that could compromise product quality. Beef is dried and seasoned with coarse salt and natural spices.

The pieces of meat are allowed to take all their flavors for a few days in which they are allowed to marry in a controlled environment. Then the meat is left to dry. Meanwhile, meat loses up to 40% of the initial weight and develops the taste of a gourmet product.

It is recommended to be used for festive dishes and for bowls. Whether you have a wedding, a baptism or a happy event you want to celebrate, this product must be on the table. We recommend that it be cut into slices as thin as possible to feel the flavor of the preparation.