The story behind the Nivalli brand

More than 8 years spent perfecting meat products

Only the latest technological processes

The production of Nivalli's sausages and meat delis is done in the charming Dniester Valley. We have designed this factory to be able to bring back the taste of the traditional meat products. Our specialists combine these tastes of the past with the quality standards of the present, resulting products that should be on everyone's table.

Built to fully respect European standards, the Nivalli factory is a model of combining modern with traditional. All the processing equipment is brought from Austria and Germany, countries with a developed meat processing machinery industry. Nivalli incorporates the quality into the process, which ensures that each person involved is responsible for the quality of the operations performed across the entire value chain.

Since 2010, Nivalli meat and processed meat company has strived in becoming both a meat product manufacturer, but also a trusted partner. Beyond all, Nivalli's goal is to bring genuine and authentic meat products to the market. Thus, we have created a Distribution Department responsible to ensure that Nivalli products are delivered to stores in different locations in time, while respecting the Nivalli quality standard. The same department checks the storage and the delivery of the products to ensure that everything is done according to the quality rules and regulations.

On your table, we bring top-quality products only.

Nivalli is expanding its commercial network by opening new specialized stores. Thus, we are open to new long-term collaborations with trusted economic agents. If you own a store or a commercial network and you want to sell the best salamis and meat products in Moldova, we are open to collaborations.

From the opening of the factory in 2010 to the present days, we have been in a constant quest for excellence in the field of meat products. Beyond experience, we are always looking to find innovation in the sausage production. Our differentiators are the quality of our products, the speed with which we deliver our products, and the quality of the services. Daily we produce more than a hundred kinds of meat products, amazing meat delis that are taking further the Moldovan traditions.

Our products quality is our no. 1 concern

At Nivalli we only use local products, as we believe in developing the local community. Also, we believe in the value of the local products. So, we select quality products from trusted producers that have proven their experience and capacity to deliver.
All the meat used in the Nivalli factory is rigorously tested and selected to ensure that we only sell top products that will transform your meals into real feasts.

The Nivalli meat products are ISO certified:

  • ISO 9001 Certification - Quality Management System
  • ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certification

These certifications reiterate our dedication and desire to offer great meat products. Every day we produce hundreds of salamis, safalades and other meat delis, all certified products, specially crafted for meat lovers everywhere.

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