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Our passion for meat can be noticed in any of the Nivalli products. Be that salamis, sausages or any other of our beef, pork or chicken products, the quality is our top priority. Our experts use specially selected blends of spices and high-quality meat, to bring on your plates, delicious meat products suitable for any occasion. From the very beginning, our aim was to create traditional savoury meat products. The special taste of the Nivalli products, as well as the quality of the ingredients used, will make you fall in love with our delis. To your delight, we have designed top-quality packaging that preserves the taste and the freshness of the products until they reach your tables.

About Nivalli


Pork Meat Products

Nivalli's pork meat products can satisfy the cravings of any meat lover. Rich in proteins and minerals, the pork meat can be a great addition to a balanced diet. Our pork products are suitable for any occasion, be that festive dishes or healthy snacks.

Frankfurters and Knackwursts

Nivalli’s frankfurters and knackwursts bring a plus of flavour to any meal. Whether you use them to complement one of the main meals of the day, for a classic hot dogs, or simply to add that something special to you mama's pasta recipe, the products in this category do not disappoint.


Nivalli's hams are entirely created with natural spices and great meat from certified producers. We only use top-quality meat from suppliers with proven experience in the industry. After processing the meat, the products are passed through a natural wood smoke, that ensures both the taste and the long shelf life characteristic for Nivalli’s meat products. Consumed responsible, our hams offer all the proteins, minerals and vitamins you need for a full day.

Air-Dried Meat

Nivalli's cured beef and pork fillets are carefully prepared and left to dry, under the supervision of our specialists. Cut into thin slices, the products in this category are suitable for any festive meal and can be used to celebrate unique moments in life. The gourmet products in this category will delight the taste buds of even the most pretentious guests. Often chosen as a healthy snack before the main meal, these delis are ideal for a birthday, a baptism or any other important event in family life.

Boiled Salami

The raw-cooked products in the “Boiled Salami” category will make you enjoy your every bite. In this category you will find the famous Doctorskaia salami, together with the Nivalli Lunchmeat, as well as Nivalli's different types of baloney. The main ingredient used for these sausages is the same top-quality meat that has always been the base of all our products. We add natural spices in quantities only known by our specialists to get a unique taste. These meat products go well with a cup of warm tea and a slice of fresh bread.

Smoked Chicken Products

Chicken is a lean meat, suitable for everyone, regardless of their age or food restrictions. Rich in protein and selenium, chicken meat provides some of the antioxidants needed to strengthen the immune system. At Nivalli, we use chicken meat from trusted producers. This is the only way in which you can enjoy some high-quality meat products. After being cured and prepared, the poultry is smoked with a specially selected mix of wood essences. This helps the products develop that good smoky meat taste, suitable for any occasion.

Boiled-Smoked Salami

With a great taste and a high-quality meat, the products in the "Boiled-Smoked Salami" category can make any sandwich, a delight. Being smoked with cold smoke, makes these salamis develop a complex taste that will play with your taste buds. The light notes of specially selected spices complement and harmonize the palette of tastes that these salamis offer on every bite.

Semi-Smoked Salami

Feel that smoked deli taste with our "Semi-Smoked Salami" products. Natural spices, high-quality meat, and carefully followed recipes, make these Nivalli products very popular and loved. These salamis can complete any entrée or charcuterie board. These products can also be used for preparing a savoury Soleanca, as pizza toppings or for any other delicious recipes you can think of.

Traditional Products

Our respect for the traditional Moldovan recipes inspired us to create a range of products dedicated to all those who appreciate the quality of the meat and the value of the traditions. Thus, the delis in the "Traditional Products" category, will remind you of those childhood tastes and will make you rediscover the authentic taste of the products you've been grown with. Ham, pastrami, pork belly, and many other traditional meat products have been specially created for our client that are looking for that traditional taste of home-made meat products.

Headcheese and Leberwurst

Beef, pork organs, and other delicious pieces of meat are all mixed with different spices, thus resulting the products in the "Headcheese and Leberwurst" category. Nivalli's specialists bring these simple products to the stage of culinary art, ready to delight not only the sight but also the taste buds of meat lovers everywhere.

Beer Snacks

We've created a variety of tasty meat snacks, perfect for those moments when you want to feel good with your friends. Jerky, crackling, as well as beer sausages, and more, all have been crafted to compliment good beer and sparkling conversation. Beware, because these products are so popular that they tend to disappear immediately from the table. So, it's better to make serious supplies before the party.

Precooked Products

When we have created the products for the "Precooked" category, we first thought of the authentic taste of great barbecue, marinated in specially selected spices and sauces. These meat products are very easy to prepare and shorten your time spent in the kitchen. With our pre-made products, all you have to do is to buy the pieces of marinated meat and then carefully place them on the heated grill. Whether you like pork, chicken or you prefer the taste of fresh sausages, you will definitely find something for you in this category.


Fresh Products

Fresh chicken, beef or pork, only from certified producers, the products in Nivalli's "Fresh" category come in a variety of cuts and are suitable for any occasion or dish. We have created this category for the moments when you are looking for the best meat for a steak or for any other culinary delight. Get your fresh meat from experienced certified manufacturers. Then, prepare it as you please, to delight everyone around you. And that's the real recipe for the success of any meal.


The products in the "Gastro" category are suitable when you are a bit hungry and you are looking for a simple and quick snack. Prepared with in-house developed recipes, these processed products use fresh ingredients to give you an unforgettable taste.

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